The Strange Case of Jacky Caillou (2022)

EDITOR’S NOTE: I first saw this at Fantastic Fest on October 1, 2022. This will be in theaters in New York City and Los Angeles April 7 and on demand and DVD on April 11 from Dark Star Pictures.

Once, Jacky (Thomas Parigi) was content to wander the village and record sounds to use in ths songs that he made in secret. But after the death of his grandmother Gisèle, who was known to be the village healer and magnetizer, he finds himself developing her powers. Just in time — wolves are attacking and a young girl named Elsa has shown up either suffering from a mystery disease or possession. Or maybe she’s doing Blood On Satan’s Claw cosplay.

Lucas Delange, who directed and co-wrote this with Olivier Strauss, has an eye for beauty. Jacky has an eye toward dreams and miracles, which may not work outside the world of fantasy. It’s an interesting film that definitely will get you thinking.

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