Blood Covered Chocolate (2022)

When a recovering drug addict named Massimo (Michael Klug) is bitten by an ancient, shapeshifting vampire named Sofia (Meghan Deanna Smith). Now, he must fight to save his girlfriend and former alcoholic Tien (Christine Nguyen, Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot) from being turned in the same way and get his mother (Debra Lamb) and organized crime boss stepfather (Joe Altieri) to accept her.

Director and writer Monte Light shot this in black, white and red while blasting images of other films, including Mystics In BaliDie Nibelungen Siegfried, the 1898 Santa Claus and the Fleischer Studios cartoon Bunny Mooning. It all becomes apparent that Sofia is trying to take all of the negative elements out of Massimo’s life. Well, I mean she also tries to get him to feed on a sex worker and he can’t do it, so she kills her for him. But is the addiction the vampirism or the cure? I wasn’t really sure.

There’s also a lot of comparison to Nosferatu, mostly in the sales materials related to this movie. Well, they’re both in black and white.

That said, there are definitely some ideas here and while they don’t always add up, it’s anything but expected or normal. That’s to be noted and appreciated.

You can watch this on digital platforms worldwide from Terror Films, as well as Tubi.

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