The Killing Edge (1988)

Unlike many of the shot on videos featured on the site the last few days, The Killing Edge was directed by someone who had made several films, Lindsay Shonteff. One of his first films was 1964’s Devil Doll, but he may be best-known for a series of James Bond remix remake ripoff movies that started with Licensed to Kill and continued to include Spy StoryNo. 1 of the Secret ServiceLicensed to Love and Kill and Number One Gun. He also made The Million Eyes of SumuruPermissiveNight After Night After Night and as budgets lowered in the mid 80s, he started shooting on video. Beyond this movie, he also made the video giallo Lipstick and Blood.

Working from a script by Robert Bauer (who also wrote Shonteff’s Vietnam movie How Sleep the Brave), this is the story of a man — Bill French (Steve Johnson) — wandering the post-apocalyptic wastelands with only a stuffed teddy bear as he searches for his family, who he finds just in time for them to be killed by robotic Terminators, which is why this was released in West Germany as Killing Edge – Super Gau Terminator.

They are not robots. This is not exciting. In fact, it seems like it was made up while it was being made, just like many shot on video projects. The difference is, again, Shonteff who at one point was someone who made actual films.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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