Night, After Night, After Night (1969)

A Jack the Ripper-type serial killer is loose and it looks like the most obvious suspect is a transvestite judge. Yes, it’s 1969 in London and there’s all manner of kinky goings-on, as this proto-slasher and Argento-predating giallo gleefully shows.

It’s directed by Lindsay Shotneff, who also brought you Devil DollCurse of the Voodoo and several James Bond-esque films like Licensed to Kill, No. 1 of the Secret Service, Licensed to Love and Kill and Number One Gun.

I’m fairly obsessed by late 60’s and 70’s London, with all its tawdry excesses and scandals. This movie fits right in, a scummy, darkly shot film that earns its U.S. video release title, Night Slasher.

Linda Marlowe, who would later appear in Shotneff’s films The Big Zapper and The Swordsman as Harriet Zapper, is in this. So is Jack May, who would be the voice of Igor on TV’s Count Duckula. And Jack May, who was in a series called Adam Adamant Lives!, which aired on the BBC in 1966 that I have to track down. It’s all about adventurer Adam Adamant, who was frozen alive in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis the Face. In 1966, he’s revived into the swinging world of 1960’s London, much like a reverse Austin Powers, getting right back to a life of adventure. Ridley Scott made his directing debut on this show.

So yeah. London. Sex. Murder. Tough cops. Hippies. Tough talk. Thick accents. It moves faster than most British crime films at the time and you won’t feel like you wasted your time, governor.

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