Alien Beach Party Massacre (1996)

Two different aliens — the humanoid Mirusian and the pig-appearing Ghastorian — have been battling over a Death Sphere that accidentally dropped off on Earth by goofball Mirusian janitor Nagillig — and because it looks just like a beach ball, it is fated to land on a beach and have some nerd scientists and surfer dudes try to figure out what’s happening. Oh yeah, they also become friends with Nagillig.

There’s a lot of weed smoking — one probably correctly believes that it was this way behind the camera as well — and death by surfboard, which doesn’t happen all that often. The death comes from Ghastorian commander Lord Odem and his henchman, who lie in wait at an old house, where Dr. Bateman has been studying UFOs. Also: sunscreen can defeat aliens, so someone alert Baz Luhrmann.

Director and writer Andy Gizzarelli never made another film, but has worked on a producer on the HBO remake of Perry MasonBridgertonAnd Just Like That…True DetectiveBig Little Lies and Feast. The amount that you will enjoy this movie is based on how much you can stand helium voices or people who sound like they’re trying too hard to be Jeff Spicoli.

That said, it’s a beach party science fiction slasher and there aren’t many movies that can say that.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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