CANNON MONTH 2: Cheerleaders Beach Party (1978)

Alex E. Goitein had already made Cherry Hill High for Cannon, but now he had Chuck Vincent writing his script, the man who would one day be able to boast of making Bedroom EyesHot T-ShirtsAmerican Tickler, Bedroom Eyes IISensationsDerangedYoung Nurses in Love and so many more movies.

The cheerleaders of Rambling University — Monica (Elizabeth Loredan), Toni (Jamie Jenson), Sissy (Lynn Hastings, also in Cherry Hill High) and Sheryl (Gloria Upson, who was also in…did you guess Cherry Hill High?) — fight to keep their players from going to another college, which means stealing the van of an opposing coach and putting crabs into the jockstraps of his players. They also destroy — or make it so much better — with some pot-laced brownies.

Animal House then came out the same year and changed how sex comedies went from dirty little drive-in movies to big business.

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