American Tickler (1977)

If you’re going to watch a Chuck Vincent movie, you should really watch Hollywood Hot Tubs or Warrior Queen. Deranged is pretty good, too. Or Bedroom Eyes II.

This is a movie that has a shark movie parody called Jews. That alone should warn you of the heights that this movie will dramatically trip and fail before it even gets close to takeoff. It isn’t helped by another parody called King Dong which is exactly what you think it is. Then there’s The Happy Cooker, a show hosted by Xaviera Collander. That’s a joke only I would find funny, to be honest.

Three people — other than me — have reviewed this on Letterboxd. That should tell you how bad it is. It’s one saving grace is that it’s the first movie that Joe Piscopo ever made.

Imagine all of the worst Saturday Night Live sketches, the ones that seem to go on for on and on and on, with people noticeably silent and every cast member looking uncomfortable. Now make an entire movie of that.

At least the poster is nice.

You can watch this on YouTube. Well, you could. It’s been pulled. But here’s a clip with  Joe Piscopo!

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