The Brink, aka Edge of Extinction (2020)

During a You Tube movie excursion, as I spiraled down a digital rabbit hole, I discovered this British-produced apocalypse entry currently in post-production.

Fifteen years after the Third World War, man struggles on the verge of extinction after the passing of a ruthless nuclear winter. What’s left of civilization has no choice but to kill and pillage for survival.

Away from the urban devastation, in the desolate countryside of southern Britain, a lone, young boy survives in isolation away from humans. His self-imposed peace soon unravels at the hands of a group of survivors that must battle against a new, savage enemy that emerges from the aftermath.

As you can see, the trailer doesn’t tell us much about the film in terms of plot or characters, but the images speak volumes: the cinematography is stellar and the film’s inventive, tightly-budgeted staging effectively utilizes its remote British countryside locations; you can feel the foreboding nature of the film. And the acting from the unknown, mostly new-to-the-biz cast of actors (Chris Kaye, Luke Hobson, and Georgie Smibert) looks like it’s of the “A Game” variety.

My celluoid memory cores kept accessing the apoc-classics of Cornel Wilde’s No Blade of Grass from 1970 and 1979’s Ravagers starring Richard Harris — in terms of The Brink foregoing set builds and effectively utilizing pre-existing structures with a dilapidated “apoc” feel to them. As result: The Brink doesn’t look like your standard, low-budget direct-to-DVD release that’ll see an early birth on the Syfy Channel. This is a movie to keep your eye on. This isn’t some Dolph Lundgren zombie hunt with AfterEffects exploding heads and gun flashfire.

You can learn more about The Brink, along with the in-production horror films Flytrap and The Dead Inside, on the web at HGM Productions.

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Update: After the writing of this review (and a few post reschedulings), The Brink has since been retitled for international distribution as Edge of Extinction — with a digital release on May 18th and a DVD release following sometime in July. You can stream it on Amazon Prime, courtesy of Indie Rights Movies, which now — as of November 2020 — offers it as free-with-ads-stream on Tubi Tv.

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