Superstar (1999)

Kids in the Hall member Bruce McCulloch directed this, another example of trying to turn a sketch into an entire long form story. In this case, Catholic high school student Mary Katherine Gallagher finally grows beyond five-minutes of jokes to tell you more of her life. Does it work?

Steve Koren wrote this, as well as Click and Jack and Jill for Adam Sandler. Oh yeah — he also did A Night at the Roxbury. That’s some SNL cast service, let me tell you.

Mary Katherine dreams of kissing cool kid Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell) and being a superstar. This leads to a moment right out of Carrie and her falling for bad boy Eric Slater (Harland Williams). And oh yes, Jesus (also Ferrell) shows up.

Did you enjoy this sketch? Would you enjoy it for more than an hour? This will determine whether you like this or honestly, any Saturday Night Live movie.

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