CANNON MONTH: Hot T-Shirts (1980)

Joe (Walter Olkewicz, Jacques Renaul from Twin Peaks) is worried that he’s going to close his bar, which seems more like an Italian family place than a place to drink, but who knows, right? Anyways, just as he thinks everything is at its lowest, he heads to a disco nearby that’s packed and learns that it’s not the mirrorball or the coke or 135 bpm remixes or the dancing, it’s the wet t-shirts.

Hot T-Shirts comes at the line between the old Cannon and the Golan-Globus version that’s better known and was directed and written by Chuck Vincent, whose show business career took him from managing the Yale Repertory and the Negro Ensemble Company to hardcore (Roommates, Visions) and more mainstream movies like Hollywood Hot Tubs, Deranged, Warrior Queen and Bedroom Eyes II.

Therefore ensues several scenes of disco music overlaid with women getting water all over their chests because in 1980, that’s what entertainment was, I guess. Corinne Wahl, who was once married to Ken, is in this, as the ringer in the wet t-shirt contests, which, as I’ve said before, constitute most of this movie’s intricate storyline.

For the raincoaters — or streamers now, right? — Randy West shows up.

That said, this movie proves that nude college students can actually be boring. Who knew?

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