POPCORN FRIGHTS: The Eyes Below (2022)

Eugene (Vinicius Coelho) lies down after a long day of big decisions: he’s going to blow the whistle on some corporate crimes the very next day. But when he gets in bed and under the covers, something else is there with him, an oily black form with eyes that stare into his soul.

For 77 minutes, this dark shadow and the lawyer are trapped in the bed together, quick cuts and strange images intertwining as night terror becomes real.

Director, writer, editor, composer and set designer Alexis Bruchon has assembled a test of your nerves; if you’ve experienced sleep paralysis or waking nightmares, this might be too much for you. It’s a full-length film with no dialogue and only action between the natural and the supernatural. It’s definitely worth you taking a look.

I watched The Eyes Below at Popcorn Frights and will update this post when this movie is streaming and not playing festivals.

3 thoughts on “POPCORN FRIGHTS: The Eyes Below (2022)

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