CANNON MONTH 2: Cherry Hill High (1977)

Director Alex E. Goitein made two movies: this one and Cheerleaders Beach Party. Well, he knew what worked for him, you know? Writers William Shears and Wylie White only wrote this one movie. And that was it — a small space in history when these three men came together and made a softcore sex comedy and Cannon got it into drive-ins and grindhouses.

Just like Cannon’s Slumber Party ’57, this movie is all about girls losing their virginity. Except in this movie, Kippy, Sarah (Nina Carson), Michelle, Peaches (Gloria Upson, also in Goitein’s other film) and Alison (Stephanie Lawlor, Hot T-Shirts) do it over a two-week bicycle vacation. One of the men they meet, Vintner, is played by Richard Young, the man who gave Indiana Jones his fedora in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Molly Malone, using the name Joan Summer, did plenty of adult (and, again, the other film Goitein directed). And Mary Mendum, often using the stage name Rebecca Brooke, did tons of adult including several movies for Joe Sarno.

There’s a shark named Hustler, a game show where sex happens and a haunted house. I have no idea why Vinegar Syndrome hasn’t released this in a multiple slipcase blu ray set yet.

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