POPCORN FRIGHTS: Peppergrass (2022)

Pregnant restaurateur Eula Baek (Chantelle Han) is in trouble. The pandemic has ruined the money she was making at her restaurant Peppergrass. But she does know that Captain Reuben Lom (Michael Copeman) has several precious truffles that she and her friend Morris (Charles Boyland) could make money from. So they head out of their empty restaurants and try to convince him to give them up.

Directed by Steven Garbas and Han from a script by Garbas and Phillip Irwin, there’s a lot of character building, conversation and wandering in the woods before the movie gets down to the concept that Reuben is dangerous and Morris is greedy.

The main issue? It’s hard to spend so much time with characters that are this unlikeable. But give this movie some credit; it’s anything if predictable.

Peppergrass is playing at Popcorn Frights. To watch it, buy tickets at their screening room. To learn more, check out the official web site.

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