CANNON MONTH 2: Roots of Evil (1992)

A remake of director Gary Graver’s 1984 adult film Trinity Brown, which starred John Leslie and Sharon Kelly — and had Jamie Gillis and Robert Kerman in the cast — Roots of Evil starts with Brenda (Jillian Kesner, who is in one of my favorite movies, Firecracker) and Jake (Alex Cord, Chosen Survivors) looking for Johnny Malone (Randall Brady), who is their top suspect in the death of mob boss Tony (Paul Grayber). However, he claims that he spent the night with scream queen Candy, played by real-life scream queen Brinke Stevens as an alibi, but the truth is that he’s kidnapped her kid. Or maybe she had a relationship with Tony’s wife Marissa (Deanna Lund, the mom from Elves!) and they both wanted him out of the way. I mean, somehow they need to work a girl on girl love scene into this movie so we can watch it on Friday at 2:07 AM on Cinemax, right? It also helps that Jewel Shepard and Donna Spangler (Hugs Huggins from Guns!) are in this too.

Getting away from the remake of that aforementioned XXX movie, this adds a subplot where a serial killer is taking out strippers and sex workers. Using a prostitute named Monica (Delia Sheppard) as bait, the cops try and find out who is doing all the slashing.

Jake may be more messed up than the criminals he’s arresting, because a decade ago someone shot his wife and blasted her and their kid through a plate glass window, so all he does is drink in strip clubs when he isn’t sleeping with his partner or remembering that he once dated Brinke Stevens, which doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing that you forget.

Everyone in this movie is quite dumb and that’s how we want them. There’s also a cut and uncut version. I have no idea if you’ve already decided to watch a softcore cop movie why you’d want to see anything trimmed out, but you do things your way.

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