CANNON MONTH 2: Prison Heat (1993)

Colleen (Rebecca Chambers), Bonnie (Lori Jo Hendrix), Audrey (Kena Land) and Michelle (Gilya Stern)were happy just riding their van through Europe scream singing “Oh Susanna” and hanging out in Greece when they decide to go to Turkey and never saw Midnight Express. Before you can say Ilsa, they’ve had cocaine planted on them and end up in prison, which as you can expect is everything a WIP movie entails, like a long shower scene, brutal guards, assault from male and female tormentors, a tough butch woman abusing them all by the name of Hellena (Toni Naples, Deathstalker II) and a warden named Saladeen (Uri Gavriel) who brands women and sells them into slavery.

Do you think Menahem Golan looked at what Cannon was making after he left and hung his head? Do you think he worried that Joel Silberg had gone from making Breakin‘ and Rappin’ to just making a very by the numbers prison movie? Or did he spit on the ground when he thought of Silberg, angry that he had the gall to direct Lambada for Yoram?

Regardless, this movie does have one great line of dialogue. Before Bonnie cuts off the balls of the warden, she says, “Some people like soft tobacco pouches. Me, I just want a coin purse.” Then the girls get back in the van and sing “Oh Susanna” again, but this time, it has a certain sadness to it.

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