TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Harland Manor (2021)

Steven R. Monroe has several movies up as Tubi Originals — First Person ShooterUnborn and Teardrop — and he’s best known for the remake of I Spit on Your Grave and the sequel.

Along with co-writer John Thaddeus, he’s telling the story of The Spirit Chasers, a reality show team of ghost hunters made up of Jeanie (Camille Sullivan), Evan (Dion Johnstone), Gilroy (Jeremy Walmsley) and Zeke (Jonathan Lawrence), as they try to find the perfect ending to their season.

They find Harland Manor. Seeing as how this place once was home to so many murders and illegal abortions, you can only imagine the orbs floating around. This is also the kind of haunted environment filled with ghosts, like the infernal Harland himself as well as a young specter named Sarah (Summer H. Howell) who is with child. The child of Satan!

Perhaps a haunted underground abortion clinic is not the best place for Jeanie, who just miscarried the child of one of her fellow Spirit Chasers the night before, but look. I know better than to chase after evil. I’m content with sitting on my couch and not needing to have any paranormal adventures, thank you very much.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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