TUBI EXCLUSIVE: First Person Shooter (2022)

Spencer Bradford (Jacob Blair), the creative head of a video game development company — who is more protagonist than hero, because he’s a complete jerk — just wants to get their new game through the crunch. Yet when a Redditor who claims that Spencer stole his game begins to hack into the lives of everyone that works at the company.

Yes, a slasher about social media and video games.

Director Steven R. Monroe also made TeardropUnborn and Harland Manor, all of which are Tubi exclusives. He’s probably best known for the I Spit on Your Grave remake. Writer George Olson’s experience is limited to a short and a web series, Surreal Estate.

There’s a scene where a new employee waxes on and on about what a life-changing experience it is to work on the game while his boss literally urinates in front of him, the boss’ bartender girlfriend destroying numerous dudes at a bar with her caustic customer service, an office where real weapons hang on the walls and get passed around in conference rooms, a sex scene followed by the male character being completely crushed by the women afterward and an explosion in a parking lot that looks worse than anything in any first person shooter I’ve played going back to GoldenEye. Oh yeah — and a little button on the ending with dudes in Christmas sweaters beyond excited to play the game and finding out that it’s…well, you’ll see.

This was filmed in Winnipeg and when I realized how Canadian it all was, it answered so many of my questions.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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