TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Unborn (2022)

There aren’t many life events more frightening or emotional than being pregnant. That’s why horror movies have uniquely been able to translate those fears, from Rosemary’s BabyThe Brood and Demon Seed to I Don’t Want to Be BornIt’s AliveInside and Beyond the Door.

Now, Tubi exclusive Unborn tells the story of Rachel and Amber, whose wedding was marred by the death of Rachel’s mother. When the dead mother’s face shows up on the ultrasound, I think we all know which way this is going.

Don’t eat any tannis root!

You know when a pregnancy is really rough to deal with? When the obstetrician (Stephan Smith Collins, once Pinhead) stabs himself in the throat and bleeds all over you while yelling warnings about Lilith. I mean, that’s worse than people looking at you strange just because you have a glow.

Director Steven R. Monroe (Teardrop, the remake of I Spit on Your Grave and the sequel) and writer Joe Rechtman realize that they’re making a quick moving thriller that you shouldn’t think too much about. Instead, you should just grab a beer or ten and watch this movie about a cult trying to grow something in someone unsure whether she should allow the baby to be born or stop it before it can destroy our world.

Or you know, you could really into this and wonder, in our hellscape where even Roe vs. Wade can get overturned and women no longer can control their bodies, will organized religion lead to demons taking hold of more wombs?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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