TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Hellblazers (2022)

Vietnam vet Bill Unger (Bruce Dern) is just trying to visit his wife’s grave when he hears Joshua (Billy Zane) and his followers conjure a demon, a fact that no one seems to believe. They better — the coven plans on feeding that demon every single person in town.

The real reason many genre fans will want to watch this Tubi original is the cast:  Courtney Gains (Malachai!), Meg Foster (Evil Lyn!), John Kassir (the Crypt Keeper!), Tony Todd (do I even have to tell you?) and Adrienne Barbeau as a DJ not named Stevie Wayne, the nightlight at KAB.

It’s also a The ‘Burbs reunion and doesn’t miss the opportunity to throw in a line between Dern and Gains.

Director and writer Justin Lee (Apache JunctionBig Legend) has excelled at making movies with monsters in them. This one has a great demon — you barely see it but when you do, it’s quite incredible — and a cult determined to destroy a town that is in no way ready to go down without a fight.

Sure, VFW and The Void did this before and better, but if Tubi is now our video store, this is certainly not a bad film to grab before the store closes and you promised everyone you’d get a horror movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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