Hobgoblins 2 (2009)

How much does this 2009 made film want to look like the 1988 original?

I think that the majority of the ingenuity went into shooting this on 35mm film and using composite effects, look-alike actors, some of the original costumes and the same puppets to recreate the look of that film. A lot of work when you think about a movie that no one but video store and late night cable mutants like, but hey — here you are on our site.

Also, I realize that this movie and the one before it are both junk, but look — Rick Sloane did all the Vice Academy movies and yes, I’ve watched all six of those movies* more than six times each. Whenever I watch one of his other films — like Blood TheaterThe Visitants or this one — I always start to think they’re really not good and then I say, “But he did the Vice Academy where there’s a robot cop* and that one where Dolly Parton’s porn star cousin took over Los Angeles** or when The Commissioner and Miss Thelma get married*** or that time that The Commissioner’s son unleashed a virtual reality stripper supervillain or when all the girls went to jail***** so I’ll just be nice.”

So sure, there are some changes. People have internet sex instead of over the phone, so Rick Sloane is in the future with us. McCreedy has been locked in a psychiatric hospital after he blew up the film studio real good to destroy the hobgoblins. And everyone that survived has gone away to college.

If you get the DVD of this, the original cast pretty much makes fun of the actors who took over their roles.

Now, let’s get on to making Vice Academy 7. Rick, if you’re interested, give me a call or seeing as how we’re in the future, send me an e-mail.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*Vice Academy 2 of course.

**Vice Academy 3.

***Vice Academy 4.

****Vice Academy 5.

*****Vice Academy 6.

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