Blood Theater (1984)

If you’re looking for unique deaths, Blood Theater has them. Fried by a popcorn machine, electrocuted by a film projector, smoke inhalation from burning film and various stabbings ensure that the Beverly Warner Theater — where Xanadu was filmed — is awash in the blood.

The only good reason to watch this one is Mary Woronov, who plays Miss Blackwell, who is either in on or oblivious to the evil intentions of the theater. It doesn’t really matter, as most of her role is to sit on a desk and stretch out her legs. No complaints here!

Throughout the film trailers for other films appear: Clown Whores of Hollywood, Chainsaw Chicks, Amputee Hookers and Nightmare Of The Lost Whores. Obviously, Rick Sloane is a respectful lover of the ladies.

I must really have great admiration for Ms. Woronov, as I made it through this dreck because she was in it. But just barely.

You can watch it for free with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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