REPOST: My Best Worst Adventure (2020)

EDITOR’S NOTE: We reviewed My Best Worst Adventure on November 5, 2020. Written and directed by Joel Soisson (The Prophecy, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Pulse) and starring Lily Patra, Pan Rugtawatr and Eoin O’Brien, My Best Worst Adventure will be available on digital platforms (Amazon, Comcast, FandangoNow, Vudu, Verizon Cable, Overdrive, Vimeo and more) beginning today from Kaczmarek Digital Media Group.

Following her mother’s death, Jenny’s (Lily Patra) battles with her stepfather have reached the breaking point. That’s what has taken her to rural Thailand, where she is to live with her grandmother. Her unhappiness grows and grows, leading to her lashing out and running into the jungle, where she gets lost. There, she meets a mute peasant named Boonrod, who one of the first people she’s ever connected with.

Seeing as how Jenny has refused to speak to anyone and Boonrod cannot talk, their communication is on a much higher level.

Together, they challenge the elites of the village to a buffalo race, which is kind of like a horse race without the benefit or saddles or any rules. Through this event, they both learn so much about themselves and one another.

This was written and directed by Joel Soisson, whose career has been all the place, but mostly involved in making the kind of movies we usually review here. He directed two of The Prophecy sequels, as well as Pulse 2 and 3Children of the Corn: Genesis, wrote The SupernaturalsDracula 2000Hellraiser: Hellworld and one of my favorite movies ever, Trick or Treat. Beyond that, he was in the art department for the gory and underappreciated Superstition, worked the boom for To All a Goodnight and produced Bill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureA Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s RevengeManiac Cop 3: Badge of SilencePiranha 3DD and several more films. He also shot another version of this in 2015 called Buffalo Rider, which you can find on Amazon Prime.

Coming of age movies generally don’t get much watching on our site, but this is the kind of movie that the whole family can enjoy and learn from.

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