Punks Os Filhos da Noite (1982)

Let me tell you what, punks in movies that look nothing like real life punks? Now that’s my thing. Sure, Repo Man gets it right. But what about stuff like La Venganza de los Punks? I want huge colored mohawks and a near end of this world vibe and man, what the heck is going on with this movie, also known as Wild Sex of the Children of the Night?

At some point in the future — let’s be all Capcom and call it 19XX — two punk gangs are going to get all into The Warriors and start cosplaying it and taking things way too far. Actually, there are a whole bunch of gangs like The Ladies, The Rats, The Babies and The Dragos, as well as a man called Big Cat who is kind of like the future punk Batman that exists outside the gangs, standing for something other than sex, drugs and death.

There’s also a version of this with sex inserts called Sexo Selvagem dos Filhos da Noite (Night Children’s Wild Sex). Everybody in this wears fur, has facepaint and often Road Warriors-style shoulder pads. So yeah, Brazil, everybody. Well done.

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