Prison of the Dead (2000)

Victoria Sloane, I see right through you. I know that you’re Dave DeCoteau. You can’t fool me!

Rich twentysomething teenager Kristof St. Pierce has been cut off from his family because he loves the occult and Calvin, who probably led him into this lifestyle of the supernatural. Anyways, Kristof, Michele, Allie and Rory have all gathered for the aforementioned Calvin’s funeral, but of course he’s faked his death — it was Kristof’s idea — to lure them to the Hawthorne Funeral Home, built atop the old Blood Prison, in the hopes that they can all be amateur ghost chasers again. Three other way too old to be high schoolers named Bill, Jeff and Kat are also here, hoping to scare the gang because Kristof slept with Bill’s girlfriend, which is probably something that Calvin will be upset about. Drama! Undead drama!

Blood Prison was a secret jail built by Puritan extremists just so they could go all Mark of the Devil on any heretics and even after burning up witches fell out of favor, they kept doing it. It turns out that Kristof‘s father recently bought the Hawthorne and set up a contest — he hates the paranormal — to prove the existence of the Talon Key, which was used to lock up the three executioners of Blood Prison, as the Puritans were sickened by what they found inside the place.

So rich daddy’s rich son is using this opportunity to win the million dollar prize and validate himself in the eyes of his father. That means a Ouija board gets used, Allie gets possessed and Sickle, Mace, and Scythe — the executioners have names that really get at the heart of their personalities — rise and start killing everyone.

This whole movie came up when DeCoteau was “essentially the only staff director for Charles Band”, where the expectation was that he was to just keep making movie after movie. This movie started with the title Creepies, was shot on the sets of Highlander: Endgame and had a Eurotrash influence, or so DeCoteau claims. And yes, that is the music from Netherworld.

This also appears as “Crypt of the Undead” in the Full Moon remix anthology Horrific and as “Undead Sentence” in The Dead Reborn. Yes, somehow, I watched this movie three times in a week.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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