The Dead Reborn (2013)

Alright, I’m fascinated by these Full Moon remix affairs. This one tries to cash in on the zombie trend — no shame there — but at least one of the films is actually pretty well-known and you’d think it would sell more copies than just changing the name. But hey — I don’t run the house that puppets built.

That well-known movie is The Dead Hate the Living! but here it’s called “Zombie Apocalypse.” This movie was a film I’d see all the time back in the magical days of the Kennywood Hollywood Video, a place that I dream of today, a gigantic paradise filled with tons of movies. Written and directed by Dave Parker, it’s the story of a movie crew being trapped inside a real zombie outbreak. The fact that the crazy doctor is named Eibon should give you an idea that this movie was made for fans of zombie movies by fans of zombie movies.

“Undead Sentence” is Prison of the Dead, which was directed by Victoria Sloane…err…Dave DeCoteau. I recognize you anywhere, my friend. I feel as if I’ve seen the plot to this before — rich kid invites his friends to a funeral for himself but its all a ruse — but hey, Full Moon is a LEED-certified organization. The prison below the funeral home was known as Blood Prison, built by Puritan extremists specifically for the torture and execution of witches and heretics. Can you imagine how scary it would be if the executioners came back to life? And what if this also appeared on the Horrific remix DVD meaning that I watched the same movie three times in one week?

“Shallow Graves” was released in full-length form as Hell Asylum. The reality show Chill Challenge has charged five models with surviving for one night in an abandoned building if they want to win a million dollars. Hey — Brink Stevens and Joe Estevez are in this and it wasn’t Prison of the Dead 2 despite having that title while it was being filmed.

Look at that baby stroller on the cover of this. Are you scared yet?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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