The Killer Eye (1999)

Richard Chasen? More like David DeCoteau, who goes all Bruno Mattei recycles the Linnea Quigley shower scene of Creepazoids in the laziest way ever: it’s playing on the TV in a scene.

But hey, you know, why would I complain about a Linnea Quigley shower scene?

Dr. Jordan Grady is hiring male prostitutes to take special eyedrops so that they can see into the eighth dimension, which is totally a fetish I guess, all while his wife sneaks across the street to have a little aardvark sandwich with the neighbors. One of the creatures from the eighth dimension murders one of the rent boys and his eyeball grows horrifically large and starts to assault women, remembering that it is in a Full Moon movie after all.

I mean, how many movies are there where a giant eyeball impregnates women? Maybe its sequel Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt?

This also shows up as “Terror of Vision” in the Horrific anthology.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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