Hell Asylum (2002)

Way back to two weeks ago — time has no meaning in a pandemic — we watched “Shallow Graves” in the Full Moon remix anthology The Dead Reborn.

So yeah — this is the full length cut and it’s all about a reality show called Chill Challenge that offers a million dollars to anyone who can survive a haunted house for one night. Has no one learned any lessons in the history of film?

Joe Estevez plays Stan the Investor who sets it all up. Brinke Stevens plays the ghost who is named Head Spectre in the credits. Women are named things like Paige Turner and Rainbow. I’m shocked that there aren’t black and white cans that just say beer in this what with all of the creativity that’s on display.

Somehow, this was called Prison of the Dead 2 as a working title and didn’t end up with that name. Come on, Full Moon. We depend on you for sequels and movies with small creatures that kill normal-sized people.

If you were demanded a version of Halloween: Resurrection that somehow sucked even more, this is your movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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