Dangerous Worry Dolls (2008)

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the Full Moon remix movie The Haunted Dollhouse, which had a chapter entitled “Worry Dolls.” That was really this movie and somehow, Charles Band directed a movie that was at once a movie about killer dolls and a women in prison movie. If he’d somehow had the prison be in his Italian castle, this would have really been the most Full Moon of all Full Moon movies.

Somehow, this movie also has two more titles, Dangerous Chucky Dolls or Parasite Dolls. No matter the title you see it under, it’s about Eva, who is abused by everyone in the prison, including a — spoiler — trans guard who forces her to participate in webcam sex to make more money for the warden.

One night, she lies down and her worry doll climbs inside her ear and learns how to walk out of the hole in her forehead when it isn’t taking over her brain. This feels like one of the more transgressive Full Moon features I’ve seen in a while, as there aren’t many killer doll WIP movies that have the heroine peg the evil guard.

This was shot in the same place that they made Reform School Girls and it is in no way as great as that movie. But come on. You knew that.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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