Skull Heads (2009)

Written, produced and directed by Charles Band — I mean, it has small puppet-like killers and how can we even keep track of the demonic toys, devil dolls, worry dolls and skull heads at this point; also why was this not called Skull Headz and part of Full Moon’s urban films? — this movie starts by having Naomi Arkoff gettingis tortured on a rack for having a cell phone. Obviously, the Arkoff family is non-traditional and they also live in a castle in Italy, which would be the other Charles Band leitmotif.

Those little tiny Skull Heads protect the Arkoff family. Originally, the Romans buried the dead in catacombs and built the home that they live in to guard against grave robbers. And the little guys were created by witchcraft to keep people from messing with the dead.

Can you guess that the Hollywood producers who come to film the castle really want to steal what’s inside the tomb? Also, you may not realize it, but you’re going to watch a family drama that goes on for nearly an hour before the occult comes in, which is…well, it’s exactly the kind of movie I expect from this studio.

Beyond finding this movie under another title — Devious — this also shows up in a cut-down remix within Full Moon’s The Haunted Dollhouse. It may actually be better in this short format because it cuts out all the real people and gets us to what we really want: Skull Heads.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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