Operation 67 (1967)

If I had to pick two Mexican stars to be secret agents, it would be Santo and Jorge Rivera, who we all know as Mace from Fulci’s insane ode to fog Conquest. Yes, the Eurospy craze stuck around a little but longer in Mexico and if Santo gets to be a spy, so be it.

The whole scheme in this movie is to counterfeit money and — I’m guessing — destroy the world’s economy. Everyone evil has a watch welded to their wrist that allows the bosses to listen in and destroy them, if they must.

Somehow, even more than a Bond film, this become a proto-Andy Sidaris affair which I could not applaud for more fervently. Yes, Jorge ends up in bed with a Japanese exotic dancer and then gets attacked by a small plane that he blows up with a bazooka. As far as I’m concerned, that sounds like this movie could have been filmed on Savage Beach.

The main evil leader is really Ruth Taylor, but come on. She’s Golden Rubi herself, Elizabeth Campbell, who played the wrestling heroine in Doctor of Doom, Las Mujeres PanterasWrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy and She-Wolves of the Ring. She also shows up in the Eurospy ala Mexico movies Las Sicodélicas and Peligro…! Mujeres en Acción, as well as the baffling yet awesome film The Chinese Room.

For some reason — feel free to make up the story in your head as you watch — Ruth is absolutely in love with her enemy Jorge, saying things like “Whatever happens, I really love you.” and telling him that she never lied before expiring from the multitude of bullets that she’s been perforated by.

I am all for more spy movies with Santo and luckily, René Cardona and son would immediately make El Tesoro de Moctezuma, which would bring our secret agent amigos together again.

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