Las Sicodelicas (1968)

This movie is giving me flashbacks to our month of Eurospy films, seeing as how like many of those films this is a multi-nation production, uniting the worlds of Mexico and Peru.

Mireya (Maura Monti, who was The Batwoman in La Mujer Murcielago), Adriana (Amadee Chabot, Murderers’ Row) Patricia (Elizabeth Campbell, Martesia from El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras) and Dalila (Isela Vega, The Snake People) met in reform school before being adopted by a millionaire named Aunt Ermentrudis (Tamara Garina, Darker Than Night).

She employs her girls at Seguros Internacionales de Proteccion, an insurance company that serves only the most powerful. If people screw them over or even decide to stop using their services, she sends the girls out to murder them and then uses her funeral home to hide the evidence.

That’s a great plan until private detective Arsenio Junker Tres Alas starts snooping around after dating Adriana. And now things are further murked up by the fact that Aunt Ermentrudis has ordered the death of rock star Ringo Peniche, who is Delila’s boyfriend!

Also known as The Psychedelic Girls, this is a movie packed with fashion, which you know I adore. Its director, Gilberto Martinez Solares, would go on to make Satanico Pandemonium, the magical Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters and the even stranger Misterio en las Bermudas.

In 1987, writers Luis Quintanilla and Ramon Obon created a direct to video remake called Adorable Criminals.

The best review I can think of for this came from Letterboxd reviewer Lencho of the Apes, who said, “Remember that movie Russ Meyer made at Disney Studios? Me neither, but that’s what this is.”

You can watch this on YouTube.

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