Misterio en las Bermudas (1979)

You have to give it to Santo.

He’d only have a few more movies after this — The Fury of the Karate ExpertsThe Fist of DeathChanoc and the Son of Santo vs. the Killer Vampires and Santo vs. the TV Killer — but you have to give it to him to keeping up on the trend and heading off to the Bermuda Triangle.

Two beautiful women, Silvia and Sandra, have disappeared thanks to some aliens who can disappear with a touch of their belts, much like the aliens in Santo vs. the Martian Invasion.

It’s up to our pals Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras to battle the evil Dr. Gro and find them amongst the vanished ships within the Bermuda Triangle.

The best part of this movie is when the trio gets interrupted while they are lifting weights and then follow the evildoers in a series of cars. Check out Mil’s ensemble — tight shorts, no shirt, a cumberbund and original Nikes.

Keep in mind that Santo was 60 when this was made and he could still kick alien ass. There’s also Iranian karate princesses and assassination, all within a movie supposedly about pro wrestlers and the Bermuda Triangle. There’s also a scene where Mil is carrying home his groceries and a bunch of rudos attack him on the docks, so he throws an entire brown bag of his purchases at them and then does all of his trademark spots. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in a film.

The end of this movie blows my mind. After a beginning where a child finds a Santo mask covered in seaweed, this entire movie has been one long story that ends with a guy saying, “And they were never seen again. The predictions of the apocalypse are coming true. The end of the world is near.”

Then, a nuke goes off. Movies like this make me so happy and I am so overjoyed to share this level of absolute malarky with you, dear friend.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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