La Mujer Murcielago (1968)

Yes, there was already Jerry Warren’s The Wild World of Batwoman back in 1966, but now Rene Cardona is on the job. Yes, the same man who made Santa Claus and Night of the Bloody Apes, so you know that this movie is going to be chock full of completely baffling plot points, lots of surgery scenes and no short amount of lucha libre.

Maura Monti was so attractive that she played two alien women — too gorgeous to even be from this mudball — in Santo vs. the Martian Invasion and El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras. Here, she’s Batwoman.

In our reality, Batman is a rich kid with PTSD that beats up on criminals instead of donating his money to ways that would stop systemic racism and the cultural oppression that leads to crime in the first place. In the world of this movie, Batwoman is a well-to-do woman who is a high level pro wrestler who finds herself battling mad scientists who have learned how to create gill men.

I know which world that I want to live in.

This is available from VCI on blu ray, along with Las Mujeres Panteras, which you can get on Amazon.

You can also watch this on YouTube.

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