Viernes en el Autocinema: Night of Mexican Horror

Hola! This week and next, we’re exploring some of the best peliculas de terror from our friends to the south. What better way to celebrate them than by heading out to the drive-in so we can all have our minds expanded together?

Grab your lawn chair, get some PIC for the mosquitos and pack a cooler. We’re about to watch some insane films!

MOVIE 1: La Nave de los Monstruos (Rogelio A. Gonzalez, 1960): Allow me to present the perfect drive-in movie. The title promises monsters — a whole ship of them — but it gets even better with good and evil female aliens, a robot that falls in love with a jukebox, special effects stolen from a Russian film and a singing cowboy, all somehow in the same movie. This movie is one of the most charming films I’ve ever seen and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

MOVIE 2: Cementerio del Terror (Ruben Galindo Jr., 1985): What if someone made a movie that combines Evil Dead, Halloween and The Goonies, yet didn’t skimp on the gore and had a Satanic serial killer who has returned from the grave to kill the entire cast before coming after a bunch of Michael Jackson loving kids? Good news. This movie has been made and I am here to confirm that it is everything perfect in this world. Axes to the face? Graveyard chases? A bad guy named Devlon? Prepare yourself for this one.

MOVIE 3: Vacaciones de Terror 2 (Pedron Gallindo III, 1991): Tonight is a night that may wear you out from its sheer awesomeness. But you won’t fall asleep. Oh no, how can you during a film that boasts Cabbage Patch Kids who turn into demons, a bloody birthday cake, the most 90’s clothes ever and a musical number that will cause every car in the parking lot to start rocking?

MOVIE 4: Alucarda (Juan Lopez Moctezuma, 1977): There’s a reason why this movie is last. Nothing else can follow it. All of the sheer lunacy you’ve watched already? That was just to get you prepared for this tale of young nuns who discover Satan and all the devil-obsessed and blood spraying black deeds that come in the wake of the Lord of Flies. This movie will own you.

See you next week, drive-in fans! Don’t forget — you can send us your picks too!

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