El tesoro de Moctezuma (1968)

The Cardona family has gifted us with some many wonderful films. The senior was a director and actor who made everything from the incredible Santa Claus to ZIndy the Swamp BoySurvive! and several Santo films while his son made so many movies that I’m obsessed with like Guyana: Cult of the DamnedThe Bermuda TriangleTintorera…Killer Shark and so many more. There’s also the grandson who made Vacaciones de Terror and Pesadilla Fatal.

Rene Sr. and Jr. worked together on this Santo film, which teams the man in the silver mask with Jorge Rivero — the star of Conquest! —  to protect Mexico from terrorists. It’s a sequel to Operation ’67 and lives up to my theory that Santo can be in any genre of film. Here, he’s in a globe-spanning — Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico and San Francisco — adventure battling the same Asian gangsters — dare we dream that they are Hanoi Xan’s World Crime League — as the first film.

Actually, there’s a lot that you need to see Operation ’67 to get, like why Jorge has that ring that has a map inside it. And that map? It leads to Montezuma’s treasure!

Every Eurospy movie needs a gorgeous female character and this film has Amadee Chabot, who was a former Miss California, Miss USA World and seventh runner-up to Miss Universe. After a role in the Matt Helm film Murderer’s Row, Chabot showed up in several great Mexican movies like Autopsy of a Ghost, Agent 00 Sexy, Danger …! Women in Action, Las Sicodélicas and Champions of the Ring. She’s a real estate agent today and still looks stunning.

Maura Monti also shows up a femme fatale, which is also welcome, as the Italian-born Monto has already warmed our hearts in films like Planet of the Female InvadersThe Batwoman and Santo vs. the Martian Invasion.

When I say, “This movie has an all-star cast,” this is the exact type of line-up that I am referring to.

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