On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky (2021)

Cryptid documentarian Seth Breedlove and paranormal researcher Shannon LeGro continue their search for the truth behind the enigma of unidentified flying objects in the latest Small Town Monsters release On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky.

Going through decades of reports of mysterious objects, creatures and enigmatic beings seemingly not of this earth, this film is based in West Virginia and goes back through several cases that have been seen in past Small Town Monsters productions.

This one has everything from the men in black to energy sources that are connected to UFOs and a being called Cold. Trust me — I’ve spent some late evenings driving through West Virginia and you see some pretty strange things.

The On the Trail of films are pretty well made and this episode is no different. If you have any interest in the paranormal, seek out their movies.

On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky is available on demand.

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