Superzan y el Niño del Espacio (1973)

Superzan has always been closer to a superhero than a luchador and sadly, this film doesn’t make me like the character any more than I already had — which was not much.

The Space Child of the title is Silio, a gold-skinned boy from the planet Aramina in the Andromeda galaxy. His goal is to solve our energy crisis because if we keep using fossil fuels, we’re going to knock our planet and then our galaxy out of place and then ruin everything. To make it happen, he works with a scientist to create a supercomputer before that dastardly nerd kidnaps him and decides to take over the world.

The golden boy sends a plea to his home planet for Superzan to rescue him, but the evil scientist has a luchador that does his dirty work named Evil Genius, which adds up to lots and lots of wrestling between the two of them.

Of course, the alien child came here in peace and we weren’t ready for it, so he goes back home. Way to go, humanity. Obviously, we have learned nothing since 1973, even if we attempted to listen to an orange-faced manchild for some obscene length of time.

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