They Call Him Cemetery (1971)

Alternatively known as His Pistols Smoked… They Call Him Cemetery and A Bullet for a Stranger, this 1971 Italian Western was directed by Giuliano Carnimeo, who often used the pseudonym Anthony Ascott. He has quite the cowboy movie list to his credits, including Sartana the Gravedigger; Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay; I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a CoffinThe Moment To KillFind A Place to DieThey Call Me Hallelujah and His Name Was Holy Ghost as well as the movies The Case of the Bloody IrisExterminators of the Year 3000 and Ratman.

John (Chris Chittell, The Wild Geese and the long-running UK soap opera  Emmerdale) and George McIntire have run into some trouble with a gang. They have no way of surviving until a mysterious stranger named Cemetery (Gianni Garko, Sartana himself!) rolls into town to help them against the baddies, who then hire his nemesis Ace (William Berger).

If you listen to the Bruno Nicolai theme and it sounds familiar, that’s because it was used in the game Red Dead Revolver.

You can watch this movie on YouTube.


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