Hell Bent (1918)

When he was still using the name Jack Ford, the famous Western director made this Cheyenne Harry film with Harry Carey. Carey would play this same character for over two decades, starting with 1916’s A Knight of the Range up to 1936’s Aces Wild. This period also includes the film Straight Shooting, Ford’s first feature film.

Cheyenne Harry has ended up in the town of Rawhide after running from the law after a poker game turns into a gun battle. While there, dance hall girl Bess is kidnapped by a gang leader named Beau Ross and taken to his desert camp. Why would the dastardly Beau steal away a woman caring for her sick mother? Well, he is a Western movie bad guy, right?

Ford was able to capture some incredible scenery for this film which looks stunning now that this film has been restored.

Much like the aforementioned Straight Shooting that Kino Lorber has also released, this is a film worth having for your historical collection. You can get the blu ray directly from Kino Lorber. It features an audio interview. with John Ford by Joseph McBride (who also provides audio commentary), a new 4K restoration from Universal Pictures with music by Zachary Marsh and a video essay by film critic Tag Gallagher.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this film by Kino Lorber and appreciate it. However, that has no bearing on our review.

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