Don’t Wait, Django… Shoot! (1967)

Anyone upset about the continuity issues of the Halloween movies should sit down and watch some Italian Westerns, where characters may or may not be the same actor or even the same character from film to film.

Django is the best example, with two official films (DjangoDjango Strikes Again), a remake (Django Unchained) and nearly forty unofficial movies, including this one. Of these films, experts believe that only Django, Prepare a Coffin is a semi-official, legitimate sequel, as it was originally intended to star Nero.

In this film, Django Foster comes home to find his father dead and the family’s fortune stolen. The role is played by Sean Todd, but come on. We all know that that Americanized stage name can only be Ivan Rassimov. His sister Rada is also in this film as is Ignazio Spalla from the Sabata series.

This film was directed by Edoardo Mulargia, who would go on one day to make the movies Orinoco: Prigioniere del sesso, which was re-edited and released in the U.S. as the Linda Blair-starring Savage Island.

Mulargia would also make Cjamango with Rassimov and Mickey Hargitay, as well as W Django! and Shango with Anthony Steffen. Obviously, he really liked Django or at least the money that came from making people think his movies were actual sequels.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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