SARTANA WEEK: I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death (1969)

A man who looks just like Sartana robs what has been — up until now — impossible to steal from. Now, bounty hunters are trying to cash in on the bounty on our hero’s head.

Giuliano Carnimeo (The Case of the Bloody IrisExterminators of the Year 3000) takes over the directorial reigns from Gianfranco Parolini with this film.

Sartana becomes less of an angel of death and more of a magician here. Yet he still seems supernatural. Surely he’s been shot so many times that only a dead man can survive having that much hot lead pumped into him!

The movie takes places in Poker Falls, a town devoted to gambling, and the bank robbed at the beginning actually has a gang of killers that seek out potential thieves and kill them before they get the chance to try to take money from them. Throw in Klaus Kinski as a card shark named Hot Dead and you have quite the pickle for Sartana!

This is the only film where Sartana has Buddy Ben as his assistant. Also known as Sartana the Gravedigger, this one didn’t grab me as much as the original. It’s certainly anything but boring, but I really liked the darker tone of the first one. Also, the theme music seems to reference “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” but in a Western banjo way, which seems quite odd to me!

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