Future Force (1989)

Remember Killer Workout? Yeah, that was David Prior. So was The Final Sanction. Now I’ve finally crawled to the bottom of the post-apocalyptic barrel that is Future Force, starring David Carradine, who I would like to think knows better, but he learned how to be in films beneath him from his dad, kind of like that kid in the anti-drug commercial movie from the 1970’s.

Back in 1989, this movie was set in the far-flung future of next year — 2020. That’s when law enforcement has become so bad at their jobs that they turn to metal-armed John Tucker (Carradine) and his bounty hunter team, C.O.P.S (Civilian Operated Police Systems).

All the corruption has led to Tucker becoming a bitter, washed up drunk. One could argue that life is imitating art right here. Regardless, he’s been hired to protect a reporter from the cops, because she can finally prove just how corrupt they are. And oh yeah — Tucker’s partner is evil, so even the C.O.P.S. are against the two of them.

If you should remember Kung Fu, all the better, because Carradine’s denim jacket has one of the symbols from the show on the back. Sadly, it looks and sounds like Carradine would rather be anywhere else but here. It’s even more amazing that he turned up for the sequel: Future Zone.

Amazon Prime has this movie with and without Rifftrax. It’s also non-riffed on You Tube. Honestly, I don’t know how you could watch this without the riffs.

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