Future Zone (1990)

I hoped against hope that David Carradine wouldn’t have to be in another David Prior movie, but you know how it goes. You have to do the movies that are paying for you. Actually, I don’t know. No one is asking me to be in horrible movies all that often.

Remember John Tucker? Yeah, that guy Carradine played in Future Force. Well, he’s back. And this time, his son Billy has traveled through time to help him. Billy’s played by David Prior’s brother Ted, so there’s that. He’s named for the wheelchair-bound friend of John from the first movie, in case you remember that movie. I hope you don’t.

I guess I should try and say something nice. Well, Charles Napier and Jackson Bostwick, the original Captain Marvel on the Shazam! TV series, show up.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime with and without help from Rifftrax. Just like the first movie in the series, you’re gonna need all manner of aid to get through this. Trust me, more help than you’ll find at the liquor store.

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