In the Aftermath (1988)

Roger Corman protege Carl Colpaert made his directorial debut on this film by combining repurposed excerpts from Mamoru Oshii’s (the original Ghost In The Shell) anime Angel’s Egg with new footage shot in America. The result combines live action and animation to create the story of two soldiers, Frank and Goose, and their lives after the end of the world.

Frank and Goose start the film on the hunt for oxygen, with only six days left. After a violent confrontation leaves Frank injured, a small girl named Angel appears holding an egg. It turns out that Angel is really an angel and she has to decide if she wants to help mankind survive or allow it to fade away in the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Frank meets Doctor Sarah, another survivor, and they share an interlude where he plays her a haunting theme on the piano (Horatio Moscovici’s “Carnavalito Tango”).

While not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, this movie still deserves to be checked out. It’s pretty incredible that the Corman factory got their hands on the anime rights so cheaply and when they realized just how little Western audiences would comprehend it, they just went all out and made it into a new film that can stand on its own.

Beyond a new 2K version of the film, this Arrow Video release also includes newly filmed interviews with producer Tom Dugan and actor Tony Markes, as well as Before The Aftermath: The Influence of Angel’s Egg, a new appreciation of Mamoru Oshii’s original film by anime expert Andrew Osmond.

You can get this now from Arrow Video.

DISCLAIMER: Arrow Video sent us this movie, but that doesn’t impact our review.

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