LOST TV WEEK: The Phoenix (1981)

Long ago, in a remote corner of the world, ancient astronauts landed from a distant planet with a gift for mankind...the Phoenix. For a thousand years, he has waited...suspended in time. Now, he's awakened to complete his mission. He searches for his partner, Mira. For only she knows his ultimate assignment on Earth. Dependent on… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: The Phoenix (1981)

LOST TV WEEK: The Best of Times (1981)

Before Mandy. Before The Wicker Man. Before Face/Off. Hell, before Fast Times at Ridgemont High and anything else he did, Nicholas Cage appeared in this blast of odd, a failed TV pilot from 1981 that was supposed to be the Laugh-In for the video generation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQdJX8ZmLTk This absolute mess was directed by Don Mischer, who today is better known for… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: The Best of Times (1981)

LOST TV WEEK: Spectre (1977)

Originally airing on May 21, 1977, this show was co-written by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek writer Samuel A. Peebles and directed by Clive Donner (What's New Pussycat, the Get Smart reboot The Nude Bomb (which had Sylvia Kristel in it!) and the 1981 Charlie Chan reboot Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen). William Sebastian (Robert Culp, I Spy, The Greatest… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: Spectre (1977)

CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: A Passenger to Bali (1950)

Why would Mill Creek include this on their Chilling Classics set -- a made for TV production for CBS' Westinghouse Studio One that originally aired on March 27, 1950? Who knows -- Mill Creek does what Mill Creek wants. This tale began as a novel, published in 1936 and written by Ellis St. Joseph. It was adapted into… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: A Passenger to Bali (1950)


This entry was written by Bill Van Ryn, the man behind the always stupendous Groovy Doom and Drive-In Asylum. Bill knows more about movies than almost anyone I've ever met and is always there with an answer to my questions, no matter how trivial or dumb they may be. A popular vacation spot, desperate for tourist… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Snowbeast (1977)

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block (2018)

A girl named Alice Woods and her sister Zoe have come to the town of Garrett in the hopes of escaping the madness that destroyed their mother. However, there are staircases to nowhere and the Peach family to contend with, even if the rest of the world believes they've been gone since the 1950's. Welcome… Continue reading Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block (2018)

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

I think I've figured out the difference between today's "elevated horror" and the more traditional horror that we so often write about on these pages. The slasher killers of my childhood didn't have complicated backstories or motivations, at least at first. The Shape killed because he was a killer. Leatherface and his family killed and… Continue reading The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

DOCUMENTARY WEEK: The Source Family (2012)

People always wonder, why would someone join a cult? How could someone give away so much of their freedom to get nothing back into return? A few minutes into watching this film and your answer will not be so clear. https://vimeo.com/58953915 The Source Family was an attempt at creating a utopia. Between a famous health… Continue reading DOCUMENTARY WEEK: The Source Family (2012)


A group of call girls all decide to quit the business when one of them is killed. They change their names, leave town and make lives for themselves over the next 13 years. Then, one of them is killed and the rest soon learn that her killer is looking for the rest of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_aA0ZQn6ko… Continue reading GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: Sins of the Past (1984)


With so much of television now just fodder for streaming services, we may never have the days of Halloween specials and strange movies like this ever again. The world is a worse place for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lppIONZVsb0 Originally airing on ABC on Friday, November 1, 1985, The Midnight Hour is all about five teenagers causing hijinks in Pitchford Cove.… Continue reading GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: The Midnight Hour (1985)