Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

We’re all over this movie. Dustin Fallon reviewed it for us. So did R.D Francis. Sam took a shot at it and even appeared with Groovy Doom and Drive-In Asylum’s Bill Van Ryn on Scream Queenz to dish on its Satanic majesty. Now, Arrow Video has released this 70s shocker on blu ray and we couldn’t be more excited. […]

Norman J. Warren Week: Spaced Out, aka Outer Touch (1979)

“Computer’s Log: Star Date 6969: Space, Space, Space. I’m sick of schlepping through space. I though it would be exciting to boldly go where no computer has gone before. To check out strange, new galaxies and kinky, new life forms. But noooo. I’m stuck, here, on this spaceship with three crazy chicks. All they do […]

White Lightnin’ Road (1967) and That Tennessee Beat (1966): A Tribute to Ron Ormond . . . and Earl Sink

For our “Ron Ormond Day” at B&S About Movies, I chose this early hicksploitationer* featuring an early role for Ron’s son, Tim. Tim would grow up to serve as an editor, cinematographer, writer (39 Stripes, The Second Coming), and director (the lost The Second Coming) on several Ormond family productions, which also included wife and […]