Stealing School (2021)

“Like many immigrant children, I was raised to believe that the prestigiousness of a person’s career directly correlated with how good of a person they were, morally speaking. I was also raised to believe that no such prestigious career would be attainable without first paying for the privilege of a university education. Finally, I was […]

Happy Cleaners (2021)

“Have you ever wondered if our family is blessed or cursed?” — Kevin Choi Being a third or longer-generation child in the U.S. is sometimes hard enough: but be a child of immigrant parents steeped in the ways of the old country. My pop’s parents came here from Europe and his dad, my grandfather, never […]

The Excellent Eighties: Tuareg: The Desert Warrior (1984)

Okay, ye purveyor of B-Trash, let’s unpack the caveats: While that looks like a rendering of Michael Sopkiw on the one-sheet, this isn’t a repack of Blastfighter made to look like a First Blood/Rambo sequel — although that film was inspired by the adventures of Rambo. While it looks like it’s a Mark Gregory War […]

Rage (2021)

Back in the analog days of old, before digital streaming and before home video, the only way to enjoy a film was in the cinema. There were no “home theaters” or man cave-cum-movie rooms (Samuel!) to order-in a movie on your voice remote or yank out a classic from your personal hard-media collection. Going to […]

Black Beach (2021)

Author’s Note: Due to the somewhat controversial subject matter of this film — political intrigue in a West Africa country by white businessmen — please note this is a film review that addresses the creative art of filmmaking only. This review is not a political dissertation in support of or in contradiction of any sociopolitical […]

The Excellent Eighties: High Risk (1981)

Oh, the cable TV memories! It was a HUGE deal when HBO was finally offered in my neighborhood and this Stewart Raffill-directed action-comedy will forever be paired in my analog-cerebral cortex with Enzo G. Castellari’s The Inglorious Bastards. Another of my Raffill-loved flicks from my cable days of yore was 1978’s The Sea Gypsies, which […]