Secta Siniestra, aka Bloody Sect (1982)

There’s ripoffs of The Omen (The Visitor, The Tempter, Holocaust 2000), then there’s Spain’s “Roger Corman,” Ignacio F. Iquino — anglicized, here, for U.S. drive-in consumption as “Steve McCoy” — bringing on the double-live gonzos, Antichrist weirdness. (I’ll forever pair Iquino’s horror opus with Bigas Luna’s Anguish. I’m weird that way, anyway. . . .) […]

Slasher Month: Stones of Death, aka Kadaicha (1988)

Sam the Bossman assigned me this movie for our October 2021 “Slasher Month.” He knows the Aussie accent irradiates me to tears (you frackin’ bastard). Initially, I clipped Marty DiBergi’s Spinal Tap documentary and typed: “Vegemite Shit Sandwich.” Then, I came to my critical sense and typed: “Poltergeist meets A Nightmare on Elm Street.” I […]

2021 Psychotronic Challenge Day 13: Beyond Evil (1980)

DAY 13 — THE RUBY ANNIVERSARY: Watch something that came out in 1981. Editor’s Note: Okay, we’re are cheating, here. But this film rolled out in the worldwide video marketplace from 1980 to 1984, so . . . well, it’s our site, after all. Lost somewhere between Bill Van Ryn’s love of Herb Freed’s second […]

2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 12: Scary Tales (1993)

DAY 12 — CAMPFIRES & FLASHLIGHTS: One where a character tells a scary story and then . . . flashback. As part of our annual “Slasher Month” last October, we reviewed Snuff Kill (1997), the third film — and best known and distributed film — from homegrown Baltimore SOV filmmakers Doug Ulrich and Al Darago […]

New Release Info: The Invisible Mother (2021)

Editor’s Update: We first reviewed The Invisible Mother on May 2, 2020, during its award-winning festival run. We’re pleased to announce that Freestyle Digital Media* has acquired the North American VOD rights to this entertaining, psychedelic horror-thriller rife with giallo overtones. You’ll be able to rent and own copies of The Invisible Mother on digital […]

2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 10: The Inquisition, aka Inquisición (1977)

DAY 10 — RITUALS: It’s good to have a routine, even if it’s evil. The 1970s were a time of “witchhunting,” with such film as Michael Reeves’s The Conqueror Worm (1968), Michael Armstrong’s Mark of the Devil (1970), Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971), and Otakar Vavra’s Witchhammer (1970). So Paul Naschy answered call — to […]