TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Blood, Sweet and Cheers (2023)

Renee (Tammin Sursok, Tubi original Love and Penguins and the upcoming sequel You, Me and the Penguins) keeps arguing with her daughter Cherie (Monroe Cline, Tubi original Teardrop) about working harder in cheerleading and getting a scholarship. She ends up pushing her away and when Cherie moves into her father’s house, Renee decides that she should probably get accepted on a high school cheering team and getting that scholarship for her daughter, despite being at the very least thirty.

Oh man — Tubi is bringing it.

Director Traci Hays told Fangoria, “I was drawn to this campy, over-the-top, self-aware, dark comedy because of its twists and turns that follow a flawed and fierce female lead with something to prove. It’s a nostalgic classic high school tale reminiscent of films like Heathers, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, and Clueless.”

You had me for a while there, Traci.

Anyways, between clashing with the assistant principal (Doug Dawsom), the captain of the team (Aliyah J. Vasquez) and teacher Mrs. Jenkins (Rhyn McLemore), as well as getting all heated up over a young man named Ramsey (John Paul Kakos) who teaches the ways of love, even getting caught by her friend Lana (Courtney James Clark), Renne takes over the school through her cheering powers and, well, straight up drug planting and murder.

Hilariously, after all that, Coach Forrest (Sasha Hatfield) still wants to give her a scholarship.

This movie claims to be based on a true story, which one assumes would be the case of Wendy Brown, a 33-year-old mother who took her 15-year-old daughter’s place on her cheer team. When her daughter enrolled in a school in Nevada, Brown went to Ashwaubenon High School in her place, all with the goal of making up for the things she never did in her life, like earning a high school diploma and being a cheerleader.

This movie should have pushed for even more craziness, but as it is, I had a lot of fun watching it. The budget is obviously low, but the concept is high, even if it’s based, as mentioned above, on a story that is incredibly true.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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