TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Love and Penguins (2022)

Tilly Monterey (Tammin Sursok) is the Compliance and Outreach Manager for The Animal Discovery Institute and she finally gets to be in charge of her own project, helping The Crystal Bay Penguin Sanctuary in Australia get itself out of a financial mess. She takes her sister Gemma (Madeleine West) with her and you know it, soon falls for head zoologist, the hunky Fletcher Grant (Jason Wilder). But will all that be enough to save this place in just a week?

Director Christine Luby seems to specialize in these kinds of oceanic stories with The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay and the Netflix series Dive Club in her IMDB resume. This was written by Annelies Kavan.

I have to say, this movie promises love and penguins and delivers both. You’re not going to get much conflict and you’re going to get some cute penguins waddling about. In a world of darkness and cruelty, I see that as a winning proposition.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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