JESS FRANCO MONTH: Gemidos de placer (1983)

A remake of Plaisir a trois, an earlier film by Jess Franco that was inspired by the work of the Marquis de Sade, this finds Antonio (Antonio Mayans) as the would-be master of his house who states that everything is permitted for the sake of pleasure. He brings Julia (Lina Romay) home to meet his wife Martine (Rocí­o Freixas) just as she is released from the insane asylum, as he plans on using her mental illness to finally be rid of her and run away with his young lover. Seeing as how this movie ends with him strangled and then intertwined within one another’s thighs, well, things don’t seem to work out.

Juan Soler plays Fenul, the mute servant who exists merely to come into love making scenes and play the guitar and Elisa Vela is Marta, a maid, but the three people that matter the most are Antonio, Julia and Martine.

In 1982, Franco returned from France and Germany, places where he’d finally escaped the censorship of his origins. Now that General Franco — no relation — was gone, those standards lapsed and he indulged by making at least twelve movies in this year alone.

In this, Franco extends his takes and also while this seems to be a sexy softcore movie on the surface, underneath it is all doom. No one is making love for pleasure but instead for power or to try to keep from being destroyed or to just find something, anything in this wicked world to hold on to. Sexy movies where no one can really get aroused is a weird genre to be into, yet here I am.

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