TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Rush for Your Life (2022)

Journalism student Tasha Brooks (Keeya King) is trying to get on the staff of the student newspaper, but Clancy (Keara Graves), the editor, says that she needs a major story to make it. Here’s an idea: the Tau Theta Nu sorority had a death last year during rush week, so she decides to be a pledge. This involves getting challenges via an app and live streaming what happens. It starts so simply but gets dangerous and as you can imagine, the sorority has some pretty dark secrets.

Clancy tries to talk Tasha out of this, as she was part of the pledges in the past when Sophia Mathis died. She knows just how wrong things can go and doesn’t want Tasha to be part of it. Tasha thinks she can handle it. Yet when another of the pledges, Jayda (Mary Ditta) dies from a cocaine overdose, it seems like Clancy might be right.

Or, you know, if you know these college frat or sorority movies, Tasha is being set up. If you’ve seen The Skulls, you can imagine what happens.

Directed by Alpha Nicky Mulowa and written by Jackie Logsted, who started her career as a writer in elementary school creating The Sisters 8 series with her mother and father. She also wrote two books with her mother for Penguin Random House — The Great Gatz and Joint Custody — and sold this script while she was still in college.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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